Tire Inserts

Let’s face it, in today’s world of mountain biking if your not running foam inserts your not winning!

Flat Tire Defender is the original foam insert designed for mountain bike competition. FTD has lead the charge since 2015 winning our first Enduro World Series championship & World Champion Downhill titles and backing those up with 2016 & 2017 World Cup Downhill series championship and USA National championship titles. What we learn from racing we put towards the next generation of Flat Tire Defender… Introducing FTD II.

Features comparing old versus new Flat Tire Defender; FTD II is 40% wider to maximize rim protection and dampen out suspension harshness on rough terrain, 30% taller to maximize tire sidewall support and allow lower tire pressure for increased traction, light weight to minimize rolling resistance and un-sprung weight, excellent high quality foam rubber based material (no pool noodle here). All this at a very affordable price!

Get FTD II or get left behind!