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Holy Rail 500mm kit

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The Holy Rail is a modular mounting system that enables flexibility of mounting accessories to your bicycle.


Simply attach the rail to your bottle cage mounts on either your down tube or seat tube and get creative with repositioning and mounting accessories and spares to your frame. The system uses standard M5 x 0.8 bolts meaning existing bottle cage accessories are compatible with the system.


The Holy Rail is made up of a few key components. The rail itself is 6061 alloy and uses steel mounting nuts to fasten down your accessories. Below the rail uses a rubber skirt which acts as a protective layer for your frame as well a seal to avoid dirt from getting under the frame. End caps are included to cover the rail-ends, these are also used to cover any rough edges from cutting the rail down.


The rail kit includes various length bolts and also includes slide nuts and twist nuts for mounting. 500mm and 700mm rails are designed to be cut down. Longer rails may require aditional rail mountain frame straps if heavier items are mounted very high up the rail.


No bottle cage bolts? No problem, we have rail mounting straps which allow you to mount the Holy Rail on to any frame tube.